Feel good, feel unique in what your wear

Wafa Nasr pieces are unique by design, effortlessly chic and wearable. 


Our collections follow no short term trends, but are designed to make you feel unique...

None of our limited edition pieces are created in factories, but designed, sourced and made with and by artisans and craftspeople in Moroccan an Egyptian non profit Associations aiming to support local Artisans.

Wafa nasr is an authentic reflection of the life and style of its founder. Wafa Nasr is an Ethical Fashion and lifestyle Brand, 100% made in Morocco and Egypt, having a strong concept of ecological and social standards with recognizable codes of Moroccan Know how, Taste of generous volumes and refined details.

The launching of wafa nasr Brand marked a new phase in the "Majdul Ateliers" development. Located at the periphery of the city of fez, one of the cradles of Moroccan haute couture, Majdul Ateliers have been holding fashion shows in Fes, Tangier and Tetouan since 1985.


From Inception to Completion, the wafa nasr Team works concurrently, handling every Single creation with Professional skill and Individual Care. This Dedication is made possible Through a Team Devoted to our Ateliers since 30 years to meet your Requirements of Elegance and Refinement.  It is our duty to promote craftsmanship and to help small businesses to secure their existence in the Global fashion market. All our handmade products are made in our Ateliers in Morocco and Egypt.

Wafa nasr collections follow no short term trends, but are designed for longevity and good combinability due to the clean design and high-quality workmanship.


Wafa nasr pieces are versatile by design, effortlessly glamorous, woman-friendly and wearable. Everything is meant to be mixed and matched with ease.



Wafa Nasr is an Ethical Fashion Brand, fully handmade  in Morocco, having a strong concept of sustainability with recognizable codes of Moroccan know how.  We are passionate about maintaining Moroccan cultural heritage and preserving the most ancient artisanal craftsmanship.