• What is the composition of the garment?

Each product sheet contains a brief description of the composition of the garment.

  • How can I wash the garment?


To ensure that the items you buy last a long time and retain their beauty, always see the label on your garment and contact us for more details.


Care instruction

  • How do I take care of my items?

Please follow the care instructions listed on the product pages of our items. In order to protect our kaftans and other handmade Sfifa embellished items and their couture savoir-faire, we advise you to take special care when maintaining them and use a specialist cleaner. PLease read carefully the care instructions.

How do I choose my size?


To help you choose your size correctly, refer to the Product Sheet of the item you want: you will see the size on the product page.  The vast majority of Wafa Nasr designs are free size. 

We recommend you to pay particular attention to the fit specified in the product sheet (e.g. oversize, skinny, regular fit) and the sizes corresponding to those of your body to select the size that best suits you, which can sometimes vary from that of other brands.